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CompTIA N10-007 exam exercise questions,N10-007 dumps easy to prepare for passing exams

Network+ Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications” Exam N10-007. Here you can get the latest free CompTIA N10-007 exam exercise questions and answers for free and easily improve your skills!

N10-007 exam: CompTIA Network+ N10-007 has been updated and reorganized to address the current networking technologies with expanded coverage of several domains by adding:

  • Critical security concepts to helping networking professionals work with security practitioners
  • Key cloud computing best practices and typical service models
  • Coverage of newer hardware and virtualization techniques
  • Concepts to give individuals the combination of skills to keep the network resilient

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Table of Contents:

Latest CompTIA N10-007 pdf

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Network+ Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications:

Free CompTIA N10-007 Exam Practice Questions

Which of the following would Kim, a technician, do to monitor remote traffic through an access point?
A. Enable an SNMP agent
B. Enable network mapping
C. Set monitoring SSID
D. Select WPA2
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following MUST be used when securing a VoIP network consisting of private IP addresses?
B. Application layer firewall
D. An unmanaged switch
Correct Answer: B

Tenants access multiple wireless networks in a building. Users report intermittent connectivity. Which of the following is
the MOST likely cause of the problem?
A. The channels are overlapping with other wireless networks and should be changed.
B. The SSIDs are incompatible and should be renamed.
C. The users have incompatible wireless network cards and should upgrade.
D. The default idle period for logoff is too short and should be changed to a longer limit.
Correct Answer: A

A network technician is troubleshooting intermittent issues with VoIP call quality. A throughput tester can help assess
the functionality of which of the following?
B. VLAN tagging
C. QoS
D. SIP trunking
Correct Answer: C

A national cable company providing TV, telephone, and Internet service to home users over its IP network, has been
tracking a large increase of network bandwidth due to P2P file sharing. Which of the following should the company
deploy to ensure excellent TV and telephone service?
A. QoS
B. Load balancing
C. High availability
D. Fiber optics
Correct Answer: A

company wants the public to be able to connect to the wireless network with minimal security, but not be able to connect
to the private internal network. Which of the following firewall rules would BEST accomplish this?
A. Content filtering on the wireless access point
B. Allow traffic from the wireless access point
C. Block traffic from the wireless access point
D. Packet filtering on the wireless access point
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following solutions will detect and disable a rogue access point?
A. Port scan
B. Packet sniffer
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following cable types have a rated MAXIMUM bandwidth of 100Mbps?
C. CAT5e
Correct Answer: B

A user reports a network failure on a computer. The technician determines that the computer and NIC are operating
properly. Which of the following tools can the technician use to trace the network cabling back to the punch down
A. Protocol analyzer
B. Multimeter
C. Punch down tool
D. Toner probe
Correct Answer: D

A network technician is troubleshooting an issue and has established a theory of probable cause. Which of the following
steps should the network technician take NEXT?
A. Test the possible solution
B. Q1 the users
C. Determine what has changed
D. Document the theory
Correct Answer: A

A network technician is assisting the security team with some traffic captures. The security team wants to capture all
traffic on a single subnet between the router and the core switch. To do so, the team must ensure there is only a single
collision and broadcast domain between the router and the switch from which they will collect traffic. Which of the
following should the technician install to BEST meet the goal?
A. Bridge
B. Crossover cable
C. Hub
D. Media converter
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following problems is MOST likely to arise when configuring an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel?
A. Routing loop
B. MTU black hole
C. Framing errors
D. SYN flood
Correct Answer: B

Joe, an employee at a large regional bank, wants to receive company email on his personal smartphone and table: To
authenticate on the mail server, he must first a custom security application on those mobile services. Which of the
following policies would BEST enforce this requirement?
A. Incident response policy
B. BYOD policy
C. DLP policy
D. Remote access policy
Correct Answer: B

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