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CompTIA Offers Stackable Certifications – A New Destination For The Many Of The Vendor-Neutral Skills Certifications

On December 20, CompTIA unveiled a major extension of its certification program called CompTIA Stackable Certification. As far as I know, the idea is to take a combination of two or three kinds of credentials, common or typical, and give them their unique names.

CompTIA introduced “Stackable Certifications,” a new destination for the many of the vendor-neutral skills certifications that it offers. CompTIA Stackable certification follows two CompTIA career paths – infrastructure and cyber security – and offers many qualified routes for stackable certification.

CompTIA believes this is a significant expansion of the certification program that recognizes the deep expertise of certification holders and their unwavering commitment to continued professional growth and development.

“The technology professionals who’ve earned CompTIA Stackable Certifications have done so by passing rigorous exams developed by the industry to validate the technical and business skills that are in the highest demand in today’s economy,” said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO, CompTIA.

It means IT professionals’ efforts and skills not only to pursue one (or two) CompTIA certificates, but also to devote considerable time, effort and money to accumulating more of the organization’s supplier-neutral certificates.

This creates a veritable mix of announcements that include the following examples of basic authentication algorithms:
CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ = CompTIA IT Operations Specialist
CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Linux+ = CompTIA Systems Support Specialist
CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Server+ = CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional
CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Cloud+ = CompTIA Cloud Administration Professional
CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+ = CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Associate
CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst = CompTIA Security Analytics Specialist
CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst, and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner = CompTIA Security Analytics Expert

More than 145,000 IT professionals with multiple CompTIA certifications have CompTIA Stackable certification.

Stackable certification follows two CompTIA career paths: CompTIA Infrastructure Career Path and CompTIA Web Security Career Path. Then, within each lane, stackable certificates are classified by experience level – Expert: Early Professional IT Professional with less than two years’ experience; Professional: Intermediate IT Professional with two to five years of experience; and Expert: Established more than five years of IT professionals.

Stackable certification requires a positive CE certification. CompTIA said that if you have a “good for life” certification, as long as you re-certification and confirm your skills are up-to-date, then this certification can also be certified.

A +, Network + and Security + are by far the most popular and widely used among the various certifications mentioned by this big group. Others such as Linux +, Server +, and Cloud + are more direct to network and system administrators in organizations of all sizes and sizes.

“More so than any other certifying body, CompTIA makes extensive use of performance-based questions and simulations in its exams,” said James Stanger, CompTIA’s chief technology evangelist. “These simulations accurately reflect the real-world scenarios IT pros face daily, requiring test-takers to demonstrate skills in networking, cybersecurity, and other areas under the pressure of a timed test.”

The goal of CSA and CASP is that full time security professionals work to protect organizations or customers from the threats of various security threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

If you have two or more CompTIA certifications yourself, you may need to log in to your CompTIA accredited account. You are also likely to qualify for some CompTIA stackable certification. This is not as rewarding as in the latest scratch scratch card, but it’s not a bad thing.

In addition, the more CompTIA certificates you have, the more stackable combinations that may appear in your favorites. Enjoy!