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Latest updates Cisco 500-601 exam practice questions

What is the valid shard range for an object DN?
A. 1-64
B. 1-16
C. 0-15
D. 1-32
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about Cisco ACI interaction with STP in legacy networks are true? (Choose two)
A. External switches ignore flooded BPDU frames received from the Cisco ACI fabric.
B. BPDU guard is enabled on FEX ports by default.
C. BPDU guard cannot be configured on leaf edge ports.
D. STP is enabled by default within the Cisco ACI fabric.
E. BPDU frame is flooded within EPG No configuration is required.
Correct Answer: AD

During day-to-day operations, you notice that the HealthScore has decreased. What should you check first to
understand what has impacted the score?
A. faults
B. audit togs
C. events
D. accounting logs
Correct Answer: A

Which option describes the ASICs that comprise the 2 RU spine chassis PID Cisco Nexus 9336PQ?
A. three Broadcom and one Alpine
B. two Broadcom and two Alpine
C. two Broadcom and one Alpine
D. one Broadcom and two Alpine
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about the Cisco APIC cluster in minority state is true?
A. Policy/Config changes are possible each cluster member in leader state.
B. Policy/Config changes are possible on cluster leader APIC1.
C. Policy/Config changes are not possible on any cluster member.
D. Policy/Config changes are possible on any cluster member.
Correct Answer: A

Which two policies can be set within the vswitch policies of an Attachable Access Entity Profile on 1.0? (Choose two.)
A. PortChannel Policy
B. Monitoring Policy
C. CDP Policy
D. LACP Policy
E. VLAN Policy
Correct Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit shell:domains = domain / Role1 | Role2 | Role3 / Role4 | Role5 | Role6
In the Cisco AV Pair, which two options are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Role1 = Read
B. Role2 = Read
C. Role5 = Write
D. Role2 = Write
E. Role6 = Write
F. Role1 = Write
Correct Answer: AE

Which two statements about tenant bridge domain Layer 2 unknown unicast forwarding modes are true\\’? (Choose
A. If forwarding mode is flood, unknown Layer 2 unicast is sent to all Layer 2 ports in the bridge domain.
B. If forwarding mode is proxy, unknown Layer 2 unicast packets are sent to border leaf proxy for forwarding.
C. By default, multicast traffic is always flooded within the bridge domain VLAN.
D. Layer 2 unknown unicast can be set to flood or proxy, the default is flood.
E. If border leaf proxy cannot resolve the destination, packet is flooded.
Correct Answer: AB

Where does the VIP for the vPC come from?
A. assigned by Cisco ARC from the management tenant IP space.
B. allocated from the vPC domain number assigned to the vPC peers.
C. DHCP from the infra TEP pool leaf portion.
D. DHCP from the infra TEP pool VIP portion.
Correct Answer: D

Which command is used to successfully SSH into a Cisco ARC or switch CLI using a remote authentication server?
A. apic#rad_check//[email protected]
B. ssh apic#rad_check\\[email protected]
C. ssh apic#ad_ch?k//[email protected]
D. ssh apic@rad_check\\[email protected]
Correct Answer: C

On the Cisco Nexus 93128 chassis, which port range is capable of operating at 40 GB?
A. 1/97-1/100
B. 1/97-1/104
C. 1/97-1/108
D. 1/100-1/108
Correct Answer: B

Which option describes how to clear a fault from the Cisco ARC after it has been generated?
A. Faults are raised and cleared automatically by the system.
B. Faults can be “acknowledged” only after the fault is in the “soaking” state.
C. Faults can be “acknowledged,” which means it is immediately cleared from the system.
D. Faults are cleared only after the log is full, so the oldest faults are deleted.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit
F16438[FSM:STAGE:FAILED]: Establish connection Stage: comp/prov-VMware/ ctrlr-[RTPACILab]-TestVcenter Failed
to retrieve ServiceContent from the vCenter server 500-601 exam question q13

Which option is a potential reason why you would see this output while provisioning a DVS?
A. The specified data center does not exist on the vCenter m question.
B. The Cisco APIC(s) cannot reach the vCenter host/vm.
C. The Service Content process has crashed.
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol is disabled on the vswitch policy tied to the corresponding AAEP.
Correct Answer: A

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