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latest updated F5 201 exam questions and answers

Given that VLAN failsafe is enabled on the external VLAN and the network that the active BIG-IP\\’s external VLAN is
connected to has failed, which statement is always true about the results?
A. The active system will note the failure in the HA table.
B. The active system will reboot and the standby system will go into active mode.
C. The active system will failover and the standby system will go into active mode.
D. The active system will restart the traffic management module to eliminate the possibility that BIG-IP is the cause for
the network failure.
Correct Answer: A


A site needs a virtual server that will use an iRule to parse HTTPS traffic based on HTTP header values. Which two
profile types must be associated with such a virtual server? (Choose two.)
D. ServerSSL
Correct Answer: AB


Which must be sent to the license server to generate a new license?
A. the system\\’s dossier
B. the system\\’s host name
C. the system\\’s base license
D. the system\\’s purchase order number
Correct Answer: A


Where is persistence mirroring configured?
A. It is always enabled.
B. It is part of a pool definition.
C. It is part of a profile definition.
D. It is part of a virtual server definition.
Correct Answer: C


A BIG-IP has two load balancing virtual servers at and The port 80 virtual server
has SNAT automap configured. There is also a SNAT configured at set for a source address range of / All other settings are at their default states. If a client with the IP address
sends a request to, what is the source IP address when the associated packet is sent to the pool
C. Floating self IP address on VLAN where the packet leaves the system
D. Floating self IP address on VLAN where the packet arrives on the system
Correct Answer: B


Generally speaking, should the monitor templates be used as production monitors or should they be customized prior to
A. Most templates, such as http and tcp, are as effective as customized monitors.
B. Monitor template customization is only a matter of preference, not an issue of effectiveness or performance.
C. Most templates, such as https, should have the receive rule customized to make the monitor more robust.
D. While some templates, such as ftp, must be customized, those that can be used without modification are not
improved by specific changes.
Correct Answer: C


Where is the loadbalancing mode specified?
A. within the pool definition
B. within the node definition
C. within the virtual server definition
D. within the pool member definition
Correct Answer: A


Assuming other failover settings are at their default state, what would occur if the failover cable were to be disconnected
for five seconds and then reconnected?
A. As long as network communication is not lost, no change will occur.
B. Nothing. Failover due to loss of voltage will not occur if the voltage is lost for less than ten seconds.
C. When the cable is disconnected, both systems will become active. When the voltage is restored, unit two will revert to standby mode.
D. When the cable is disconnected, both systems will become active. When the voltage is restored, both systems will
maintain active mode.
Correct Answer: C


A site wishes to perform source address translation on packets arriving from the Internet for clients using some pools
but not others. The determination is not based on the client\\’s IP address, but on the pool they are load balanced to.
What could best accomplish this goal?
A. A SNAT for all addresses could be defined, and then disable the SNAT processing for select pools.
B. The decision to perform source address translation is always based on VLAN. Thus, the goal cannot be achieved.
C. For each virtual server, regardless their default load balancing pools, association with SNAT pools could vary
dependent upon need.
D. The decision to perform source address translation is always based on a client\\’s address (or network). Thus, this
goal cannot be achieved.
Correct Answer: A


Which statement is true regarding failover?
A. Hardware failover is disabled by default.
B. Hardware failover can be used in conjunction with network failover.
C. If the hardware failover cable is disconnected, both BIGIP devices will always assume the active role.
D. By default, hardware fail over detects voltage across the failover cable and monitors traffic across the internal VLAN.
Correct Answer: B


Which two statements describe differences between the active and standby systems? (Choose two.)
A. Monitors are performed only by the active system.
B. Failover triggers only cause changes on the active system.
C. Virtual server addresses are hosted only by the active system.
D. Configuration changes can only be made on the active system.
E. Floating selfIP addresses are hosted only by the active system.
Correct Answer: CE


The ICMP monitor has been assigned to all nodes. In addition, all pools have been assigned custom monitors. The pool
is marked available. If a pool is marked available (green) which situation is sufficient to cause this?
A. All of the pool member nodes are responding to the ICMP monitor as expected.
B. Less than 50% of the pool member nodes responded to the ICMP echo request.
C. All of the members of the pool have had their content updated recently and their responses no longer match the
D. Over 25% of the pool members have had their content updated and it no longer matches the receive rule of the
custom monitor. The other respond as expected.
Correct Answer: D


If a client\\’s browser does not accept cookies, what occurs when the client connects to a virtual server using cookie
A. The connection request is not processed.
B. The connection request is sent to a pology server.
C. The connection request is loadbalanced to an available pool member.
D. The connection request is refused and the client is sent a “server not available” message.
Correct Answer: C


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