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Latest updates VMware 1v0-701 exam practice questions

Which server sits in the DMZ and allows external devices to connect to the Horizon Mirage service?
A. Mirage Server
B. Mirage Branch Reflector
C. Mirage Management Server
D. Mirage Gateway Server
Correct Answer: D

Which vSphere component is used to manage multiple hosts in a cluster?
B. vDS
C. vCenter Server
Correct Answer: C

At which layer does VMware vSAN provide redundancy for Virtual Machine (VM) files?
A. At host storage controller (RAID) only.
B. In VMware vSAN only.
C. In VMware vSAN and virtual machine (VM) storage policies.
D. At host storage controller (RAID) and VMware vSAN.
Correct Answer: C

Which feature in VMware vSphere ensures zero downtime and prevents data loss when a physical server fails?
A. vSphere Data Protection
B. High Availability
C. Fault Tolerance
D. vSphere Replication
Correct Answer: C
In the event of server failures, VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance (vSphere FT) provides continuous availability for
applications with as many as four virtual CPUs. It does so by creating a live shadow instance of a VM that is always up
to date with the primary VM. In the event of a hardware outage, vSphere FT automatically triggers failover, ensuring
zero downtime and preventing data loss. Like vSphere HA, it protects against hardware failure but completely eliminates
downtime with instantaneous cutover and recovery. After failover, vSphere FT automatically creates a new, secondary
VM to deliver continuous protection for the application Reference:

In which form does Virtual SAN store and manage data?
A. Files
B. Disks
C. Objects
D. Blocks
Correct Answer: C
Virtual SAN stores and manages data in the form of flexible data containers called objects. An object is a logical volume
that has its data and metadata distributed and accessed across the entire cluster. Reference:

A company wants to implement a software-defined network solution with minimal impact on the existing environment.
What additional hardware, if any, is required when implementing VMware NSX?
A. A stateful inspection Firewall to take advantage of NSX\\’s built-in Firewall protection
B. None. NSX is a completely non-disruptive solution.
C. Special VLAN configurations for accessing NSX.
D. At least two Layer 3 switches that must be converted to trunk mode.
Correct Answer: B
NSX is a completely non-disruptive solution which can be deployed on any IP network from any vendor ? both existing
traditional networking models and next-generation fabric architectures. The physical network infrastructure already in
place is all that is required to deploy a software-defined data center with NSX.

A large bank wants to automate their infrastructure provisioning. They need a portal that provides the ability to check
the health of a virtual machine and perform day-two actions, such as power-on and power-off.
Which product in the vRealize Suite offers this functionality?
A. vRealize Orchestrator
B. vRealize Operations Manager
C. vRealize Automation
D. vRealize Business
Correct Answer: C

Which component in VMware NSX provides L2 bridging from the logical networking space VXLAN to the physical
A. NSX virtual switch
B. Logical Router control VM
C. Logical router
D. NSX Edge virtual appliance
Correct Answer: C
The logical routers can provide L2 bridging from the logical networking space (VXLAN) to the physical network (VLAN).

Which two statements are true for vRealize Business for Cloud? (Choose two.)
A. It provides costing for non-vSphere workload by directly integrating with them.
B. It provides public cloud costing, consumption analysis, and pricing.
C. It collects performance data through the agents that are deployed in the cloud workloads.
D. It provides costing for native services hosted on AWS and Azure cloud.
E. It provides Automatic private cloud metering, costing, and pricing.
Correct Answer: BE

A supervisor wants employees to seamlessly log into remote applications without having to enter their credentials
multiple times. What is required to support true Single Sign-On (SSO)?
A. Horizon 7 and Windows Server 2016
B. Horizon 7 and any Linux Operating System
C. Only Horizon 7 is required
D. Horizon 7 and Identity Manager
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture are true? (Choose two.)
A. Deployment of services across clouds is manual.
B. Works only on certain underlying clouds or hypervisors.
C. Provides the ability to run, manage, connect, and secure applications across clouds.
D. Provides cloud freedom, but not control.
E. Provides the freedom to innovate across both private clouds and public clouds.
Correct Answer: CE

VMware offers vRealize Suite in editions that provide different functionality at different points, making it easy to license
VMware vRealize Suite to meet a customer\\’s specific requirements and use cases. Which three are vRealize Suite
editions? (Choose three.)
A. Enterprise Plus
B. Foundations
C. Advanced
D. Enterprise
E. Professional
F. Standard
Correct Answer: CDF

What are the three vRealize Suite editions offered by VMware?
A. Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
B. Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus
C. Foundation, Standard, Enterprise
D. Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus
Correct Answer: A
VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform is available in three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.
New portable licensing allows customers to manage multi-vendor private and public clouds with common licensing.

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