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[Useful Dumps] Best Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-511 Dumps Exam Training Materials And Youtube (Q1-Q20)

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Best Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-511 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q20)

Which of the following statements about STP Designated Port is true?
A. Each of the bridge can have one Designated Port only.
B. Designated Port is responsible for forwarding packets to its connected network segments.
C. The only path leading to the Root Bridge is through Designated Port.
D. Designated Port forwards the data packet from its corresponding switch to the Root Switch.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following statements is not the advantage of STP?
A. STP can manage the redundant links. When the working link is down, network connectivity can be restored.
B. STP can prevent loops
C. STP can prevent broadcast storm
D. STP can save network bandwidth
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following statements about the link failure detection in STP protocol is not true?
A. When network topology is stable, the Designated Port sends BPDU packet at every Hello Time interval.
B. When network topology is stable, BPDU packets will be transmitted periodically.
C. When the port does not receive new BPDU within a certain interval, the old configuration BPDU will time out and the link failure can be detected.
D. The port sends Configuration BPDU at every Hello Time interval. When the link fails, Configuration BPDU can not be sent out. As a result, this port can detect the link failure.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following statements about STP is not true?
A. STP can manage redundant links.
B. STP can block redundant links to eliminate loops
C. STP can prevent temporary loss of connectivity
D. STP can make LAN switch operate normally in a network with loops
Correct Answer: C

According to the STP protocol, a certain field in the BPDU identifies the root switch. That is, if the BPDU sent by a switch contains this field, this switch is considered as the root switch. What is this field?
A. Root Identifier
B. Root Path Cost
C. Bridge Identifier
D. Port Identifier
Correct Answer: A

The Layer 2 packet header in EAPoL packets is | DMAC | SMAC | TYPE | EAPOL | FCS |. H13-511 dumps Which statements are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. The destination address of packets is a specified MAC address.
B. The destination address of packets is a unicast MAC address.
C. EAPoL packets cannot be forwarded by switches.
D. The source MAC address of packets is the MAC address of the interface that sends packets.
Correct Answer: A,C,D

Which statement about the hybrid interface is true?
A. A hybrid interface can only be connected to network device.
B. A hybrid interface can only be connected to host.
C. A hybrid interface can be connected to host or network device.
D. A hybrid interface cannot be configured with VLAN ID.
Correct Answer: C

Which statements are false?
A. The VLAN mapping function is usually configured on the edge node of a public network.
B. The VLAN mapping function can save VLAN resources on a public network.
C. VLAN mapping allows private networks on different VLANs to communicate with each other over the ISP network.
D. VLAN mapping allows only the private networks on the same VLAN to communicate with each other.
Correct Answer: D

Which statements about the VLAN on S series switches are true? (Select 2 Answers)
A. The VLAN IDs on the switch range from 1 to 4090.
B. The switch has a default VLAN.
C. The priority value in the VLAN tag can be changed on the switch.
D. A VLAN tag contains one byte.
Correct Answer: B,C

If the customer requires high mobility and easy management, the staff of different departments can be added to different VLANs. In addition, these VLANs are located on different IP subnets.
Which VLAN allocation mode can meet these requirements?
A. VLAN allocation based on source IP addresses
B. VLAN allocation based on destination IP addresses
C. VLAN allocation based on source IP addresses and source MAC addresses
D. VLAN allocation based on destination MAC addresses and destination IP addresses
Correct Answer: A

Which statements about the access interface are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. Only the VLAN whose ID is the same as the PVID of the access interface are allowed on the access interface.
B. When receiving an untagged frame, the access interface adds its own PVID to the frame.
C. The access interface sends only untagged frames to the peer device.
D. None of the above.
Correct Answer: A,B,C

Which statements about MUX VLAN are true? (Select 2 Answers)
A. MUX VLAN contains a principal VLAN and subordinate VLANs. The principal VLAN and subordinate VLANs cannot communicate.
B. MUX VLAN contains a principal VLAN and subordinate VLANs. The subordinate VLANs are classified into subordinate separate VLANs and subordinate group VLANs. The interfaces in the subordinate group VLAN can communicate with each other.
C. The principal VLAN and subordinate VLANs can communicate.
D. The interfaces of different subordinate separate VLANs can communicate with each other, but cannot communicate with the interfaces in the principal VLAN.
Correct Answer: B,C

Which statement about VLAN mapping is true?
A. The interface configured with VLAN mapping must be a hybrid interface.
B. The same VLANs on different interfaces cannot be mapped to different VLANs.
C. Different VLANs on the same interface can be mapped to the same VLAN.
D. Any types of interfaces can be configured with VLAN mapping.
Correct Answer: C

Which VLAN assignment methods are supported by the Huawei S9300? H13-511 dumps (Select 3 Answers)
A. Assigning VLANs based on Layer 7 protocols
B. Assigning VLANs based on protocols
C. Assigning VLANs based on IP subnets
D. Assigning VLANs based on MAC addresses
Correct Answer: B,C,D

Which statements about VLAN aggregation are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. “multiple” VLANs (broadcast domains) are on the same physical network; therefore, different VLANs belong to the same subnet.
B. VLAN aggregation can save IP addresses.
C. Only the super VLAN requires an IP address, but sub-VLANs do not need.
D. The VLAN that is used to separate broadcast domains is called super VLAN.
Correct Answer: A,B,C

Which statement about the VLAN on a Layer 2 switch is true?
A. The CFI in the VLAN tag specifies whether the priority in the VLAN tag is valid.
B. The VLAN tag is located in the Layer 2 header of a packet.
C. The CFI in the VLAN tag contains two bits.
D. A VLAN on the switch is a broadcast domain. The broadcast domains are separated.
Correct Answer: A

Which statements about VLAN allocation are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. The IP subnet VLAN is used to send the packets from the specified network segment or IP address over the specified VLAN.
B. The MAC address- or IP subnet-based VLAN is valid for only the untagged packets.
C. The protocol-based VLAN has a higher priority than the IP subnet-based VLAN.
D. The protocol-based VLAN indicates that service types on the network are bound to VLANs.
Correct Answer: A,B,D

When the GVRP registration mode is FORBIDDEN, no VLAN can be created or registered on the interface. In addition, which VLANs are deregistered on the interface?
A. All VLANs except VLAN 1
B. All VLANs except VLAN 4095
C. All VLANs
D. All VLANs except the VLAN specified by the user
Correct Answer: A

The dot1x command is used to enable 802.1x authentication globally or on an interface. Which statements about the undo dot1x command are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. It is used to disable 802.1x authentication globally.
B. It will disconnect online users from the interface; therefore, use the command with caution.
C. It is used to disable 802.1x authentication on an interface.
D. Ensure that there are no online users before you run the undo dot1x command. Otherwise, running the undo dot1x command fails.
Correct Answer: A,C,D

After detecting a user with a new MAC address, the switch initiates an EAP authentication request.
If the client does not respond and the MAC address bypass authentication is not configured, H13-511 dumps which statement is false?
A. If the client does not respond after the number of authentication requests reaches a specified
value, the switch considers that the client software is not installed.
B. All permissions of the user are prohibited.
C. The user is allowed to access only the isolated zone.
D. Detection is initiated again after a period of time.
Correct Answer: B

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