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[2020.11] Lead4pass has updated HP hpe0-v14 exam dumps and exam practice questions and answers

Lead4Pass has updated HP hpe0-v14 dumps issues! The latest hpe0-v14 exam questions can help you pass the exam! All questions are corrected to ensure authenticity and effectiveness! Download the Lead4Pass hpe0-v14 VCE dumps or PDF dumps: (Total Questions: 246 Q&A hpe0-v14 Dumps)

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Latest updates HP hpe0-v14 exam practice questions

You are creating a logical array on an HPE ProLiant server. The customer asks you to use drives with different
capacities in a single array. What should you explain to this customer?
A. Using drives with different capacities in a single array increases the chance of disk failure
B. The extra capacity of the larger drives will not be utilized
C. The process to create the array will fail, and the server will not boot
D. The RAID level will be set at RAID 0 automatically
Correct Answer: B

Which HPE tool can securely erase the current content of a server and help with the consistent and easy operating system
A. HPE System Insight Manager
B. HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC)
C. HPE OneView
D. HPE Intelligent Provisioning
Correct Answer: D

You are provisioning a new virtual disk group on an MSA storage system. Which disk group parameters must you specify
when creating the vdisk? (Choose three.)
A. RAID level
B. LUN number
C. type
D. cache size
E. name
F. volume size
Correct Answer: ACE

You are troubleshooting an HPE ProLiant rack-mount server. You need to collect event data from the server, even when
it is not operational. Which tool should you use?
A. Insight Online
B. InfoSight
C. OS Event Viewer
D. Integrated Management Log
Correct Answer: A

A customer needs to know if the storage solution you proposed contains components that are compatible with existing
products currently in the data center. Which HPE resource should you use to provide this information?
A. Storage Size
B. One Config Advanced (OCA)
C. One Config Simple (OCS)
D. Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK)
Correct Answer: D

You are installing HPE ProLiant servers into a rack that will be fully loaded. You also need to install four power
distribution units (PDUs) in the rack. How should you install the PDUs to maximize power distribution and space
A. at the top of the rack with the cables running between the RETMA rails
B. horizontally on extension bars mounted directly to the frame for improved clearance
C. in the bottom bay of the rack with the outlets facing the front
D. vertically, side by side on both sides of the rack with the outlets facing the center
Correct Answer: D

A customer has implemented an HPE ProLiant server with internal storage and needs to monitor the array health status.
Which management application can the customer use to discover errors quickly and minimize the possible downtime?
A. Insight Online
B. Smart Storage Administrator
C. Intelligent Management Center
D. InfoSight
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 8lead4pass hpe0-v14 exam questions q8

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: B

A customer needs to improve the throughput performance of iSCSI traffic on their Layer 2 switch. Which feature should the customer implement at the switch level?
A. Jumbo frames
B. Oversubscription
C. SMB Direct
D. Remote Data Memory Access
Correct Answer: A

A customer needs to deploy an application on a newly-installed HPE ProLiant server, but they report that the server is
not online. They call you for remote support. The IP address on the production network cannot be reached. You are
evaluating the probable root causes of this issue. According to the troubleshooting methodology, what are the next two
steps? (Select two)
A. Remote console into the ToR switch to check the server\\’s port configuration.
B. Log in to iLO to see if the server hardware and NIC are online and configured correctly.
C. Use OneView to see f the server firmware is up-to-date
D. Run insight Diagnostics on the Server
E. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop or VNC to check the server\\’s NIC and IP address configuration
Correct Answer: BD

Match each customer data center architecture to its network topology.
Select and Place:lead4pass hpe0-v14 exam questions q11

Correct Answer:

lead4pass hpe0-v14 exam questions q11-1

Why is RAID 6 the best option for a large RAID set for archive storage on large-capacity drives?
A. to reduce risk during volume rebuild
B. to increase write performance on the volume
C. to maximize the capacity of the volume
D. to reduce drive wear
Correct Answer: A

You are onsite at a customer location to install a new network switch. The customer wants users to be able to manage
the switch through the IP network. How should you connect the switch to the network?
A. Configure multiple user IDs or roles for the console connection
B. Configure the management IP address on the switch and enable Telnet or SSH access
C. Use a dedicated console cable to create a dedicated management network for every user
D. Connect the switch to the network by using the serial cable that ships with the switch
Correct Answer: B

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