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[2020.11] Lead4pass has updated HP hpe0-s57 exam dumps and exam practice questions and answers

Lead4Pass has updated HP hpe0-s57 dumps issues! The latest hpe0-s57 exam questions can help you pass the exam! All questions are corrected to ensure authenticity and effectiveness! Download the Lead4Pass hpe0-s57 VCE dumps or PDF dumps: (Total Questions: 105 Q&A hpe0-s57 Dumps)

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Latest updates HP hpe0-s57 exam practice questions

Which HPE Server family is purpose-built for HPC workloads, Big Data Analytics, object storage, and enterprise service
provider needs?
A. HPE ProLiant DL servers
B. HPE Apollo server
C. HPE Synergy servers
D. HPE Edgeline servers
Correct Answer: B

Which industry-standard protocol is typically used to communicate with remote resources on mobile applications?
Correct Answer: D

A customer is considering a refresh of their ToR switches because they need 25 GbE connectivity. Which switch should you recommend?
A. FlexFabric 5945
B. FlexFabric 5940
C. FlexFabric 5980
D. FlexFabric 5710
Correct Answer: A
Explaining: High-density 100GbE/40GbE/25GbE/10GbE spine/top-of-rack (ToR) connectivity Reference:

A customer requires front panel access for their Gen10 servers. What is required to meet this need?
A. a USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter
B. an installed iLo Advanced license
C. Secure Boot enabled
D. Two-factor authentication enabled
Correct Answer: B

Which HPE tool is used to access 3PAR performance information?
A. NinjaCrawler
B. SAF Collect
C. SAF Analyze
D. NinjaStars
Correct Answer: D

A customer is running a virtualized application with the data stored on their server\\’s local storage. As the storage
space is getting full, they are looking into a new storage system. Their IT generalist would like to use a single
management interface for the new solution.
Which solution should you recommend to the customer?
A. HPE Nimble HF20
B. HPE MSA 2052
C. HPE SimpliVity 380
D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400
Correct Answer: D

A customer has expressed concerns about the security of using RESTful API to do a survey against their existing
infrastructure. What should you say about the REST client to alleviate the customer\\’s concerns?
A. It uses SNMP v2.
B. It uses HTTPS.
C. It uses SNMP v3.
D. It uses WBEM.
Correct Answer: C
It defines the User-based Security Model (USM), providing for both Authenticated and Private (encrypted) SNMP
messages Reference:

A customer is requesting new leaf switches for their 40-server virtualization farm. Their servers are currently equipped
with 25GbE NICs. Which switch family should you recommend?
A. HPE FlexFabric 5710 24SFP+ 6S+
B. HPE FlexFabric 12916E Switch with QSFP28 HB modules
C. HPE FlexFabric 5945 48SFP28 8QSFP28
D. HPE FlexFabric 5710 48XGT 2QSF28
Correct Answer: C

HPE OneView can be used to provision volumes on which HPE solutions? (Choose two.)
A. HPE Nimble
D. HPE SimpliVity
E. HPE 3PAR StoreServ
Correct Answer: AE
HPE OneView automation provisions storage volumes, zones the fiber channel SAN and attaches 3PAR StoreServ
storage to the server profile. Reference:

A customer is considering purchasing an application that requires a highly-available NUMA platform that will scale up to
16 processors. They ask you which HPE compute solution will meet their needs. Which solution should you
A. HPE BladeSystem
B. HPE ProLiant DL
C. HPE Synergy
D. HPE Superdome Flex
Correct Answer: D

During Synergy solution onboarding, the customer asks about a firmware overview of all the computing modules at once.
Click where you can access the information.
Hot Area:lead4pass hpe0-s57 exam questions q11

Correct Answer:

lead4pass hpe0-s57 exam questions q11-1

During an HPE SimpliVity solution presentation, a potential customer asks about the HPE SimpliVity RapidDR option in
the Bill of Material. How should you respond?
A. It allows configuring a high-availability solution between two sites for automatic failover and fallback in disaster
recovery situations.
B. It is required for a multi-site HPE SimpliVity configuration to send VM backups to remote clusters.
C. It enables orchestration for site-to-site recovery to improve application availability during planned or unplanned
D. It is a requirement to guarantee the 1-minute restore of a 1TB virtual machine.
Correct Answer: D
HPE guarantees the ability to restore a 1TB VM within one minute, meaning that the customer saved approx. 70% of
time Reference:

A customer is interested in a Synergy solution. They need 100 compute modules and expect the workload to double in
two years. They ask for the minimum number of management ports they will need to connect Synergy frames into their
management network. How should you reply?
A. FLMs from all frames connect into a management ring, and the management ring connects to their management
network with two uplinks.
B. FLMs from all frames connect to two external switches, and these two switches connect to their management
C. Synergy solution only allows 15 frames to be interconnected, so growth in customer\\’s workload is not supported.
D. The RJ-45 ports on the front of each frame are connected to an external switch, which is connected into their
management network.
Correct Answer: A

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