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[2020.11] Lead4pass has updated HP hpe6-a41 exam dumps and exam practice questions and answers

Lead4Pass has updated HP hpe6-a41 dumps issues! The latest hpe6-a41 exam questions can help you pass the exam! All questions are corrected to ensure authenticity and effectiveness! Download the Lead4Pass hpe6-a41 VCE dumps or PDF dumps: (Total Questions: 125 Q&A hpe6-a41 Dumps)

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Latest updates HP hpe6-a41 exam practice questions

A company has two ArubaOS switches, Switch1 and Switch2. Switch1 will be the commander for a new Virtual
Switching Framework (VSF) fabric. Switch2 is a new switch that will be the standby member. The network administrator
wants to configure the proper settings on the standby member interface before the standby member joins the fabric.
What should the administrator do before the switches are joined in the VSF fabric?
A. Configure the interface settings on Switch2. Then enable VSF on Switch2.
B. Enable VSF on Switch2. Then configure the interface settings on Switch2.
C. Provision member2 on Switch1. Then configure the member2 interface settings on Switch1.
D. Provision member2 on Switch1 and member1 on Switch2. Then configure the member2 interface settings on
Correct Answer: D

Which standard for wireless connectivity supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz?
A. 802.11a
B. 802.11ac
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11n
Correct Answer: D

What is one benefit that Aruba AirWave can provide to a customer with ArubaOS switches?
A. It can audit switch firmware (software) and automate updates.
B. It can enable the switches to provide mobility controller functions for connected Instant APs (IAPs).
C. It can provide centralized authentication and authorization for users who log in to the switch CLI.
D. It can program the switches to dynamically adjust QoS settings to prioritize Skype for Business traffic.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass hpe6-a41 exam questions q4

Based on the exhibit, what is the problem?
A. An issue causes the spanning tree to converge and re-converge again and again.
B. Interface 25 on Switch-1 is incorrectly configured as an STP edge port and cause a loop to occur.
C. Interface 25 on Switch-1 does not support the correct VLANs and prevents the interface from receiving the correct
STP role.
D. Switch-1 and another switch are configured with the same spanning-tree priority and cause the root election to occur
again and again.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass hpe6-a41 exam questions q5

A network administrator installs a new aggregation and access layer in a campus network. All users in this area belong
to the same VLAN. The administrator plugs the switches into the network with the factory default configurations. Which
protocol must the administrator configure to prevent broadcast storms?
Correct Answer: A

A company needs a switch that supports 10GbE and 40GbE for its mid-sized campus. The company prefers stackable
or fixed-port switches over modular switches. Which ArubaOS switch series best meet these needs?
A. Aruba 2530
B. Aruba 2930F
C. Aruba 3810
D. Aruba 5400R
Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit. Exhibit 1.

lead4pass hpe6-a41 exam question q7

Exhibit 2.

lead4pass hpe6-a41 exam question q7-1

Assume that Switch-2 is correctly configured for OSPF.
Which additional step must the administrator take to enable Switch-1 to advertise to Switch-2?
A. Set a router ID on Switch-1.
B. Configure a route to advertise on Switch-1.
C. Add Switch-2\\’s router ID to Switch-1\\’s OSPF neighbor list.
D. Enable OSPF on VLAN 2.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass hpe6-a41 exam questions q8

Endpoint A sends broadcast ARP requests. Where are these requests received?
A. at EndpointC
B. at EndpointB
C. at EndpointB, at EndpointC, and at EndpointD
D. at EndpointB and at EndpointC
Correct Answer: A

A network administrator wants to use Aruba AirWave to manage Aruba 3810 Series switches deployed at the campus
access layer. How does AirWave determine which configuration template to apply to these switches?
A. based on their group
B. based on their lowest level subfolder
C. based on their top-level folder
D. based on the global group associated with their group
Correct Answer: D

What is a valid setup for a Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) fabric?
A. one 5406R zl2 switch as commander and one 5412R zl2 switch as a standby member
B. one 5412R zl2 switch as commander and two 5406R zl2 switches as standby members
C. one 5406R zl2 switch as commander and two 5412R zl2 switches as standby members
D. one 5412R zl2 switch as commander and one 5412R zl2 switch as a standby member
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass hpe6-a41 exam questions q11

A network administrator views the configuration files on an ArubaOS switch and sees the output in the exhibit. The
administrator enters this command:
Switch# boot system flash primary config config2 After the switch boots, the administrator makes some configuration
changes and saves the configuration with the write memory command. The administrator then enters this command:
Switch# boot
After the switch boots, the configuration changes just made are not present. How can the administrator restore the
configuration with the changes?
A. Use the boot set-default command to configure the switch to use the secondary software. Then reboot the switch.
B. Reboot the switch and interrupt the boot process. Find the temporary file with the configuration changes and apply
that file to the startup-config.
C. Rename the config2 file to config1. Then reboot the switch.
D. Use the startup-default command to configure the switch to use the config2 file with the primary software. Then
reboot the switch.
Correct Answer: D

What is a requirement for links to successfully participate in an aggregated link?
A. that links have the spanning tree protocol disabled
B. that links use the same speed and duplex mode
C. that links use the same media type and are untagged
D. that links are untagged and are associated with the same VLAN
Correct Answer: B

Which ArubaOS switch feature treats multiple ports as one logical port?
D. link aggregation
Correct Answer: D

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