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13Sep 19, 2022Specialist – Implementation Engineer PowerEdge Version 2.0 (DES-4122)Lead4PassMay 22, 2022


For a temporary migration task the CPU core count on the Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 server needs to be reduced to 8 because the installed application will not work due to license restrictions. Use the simulator to apply the change so the application can be installed.

When you have finished using the simulator, click Next.

des-4122 questions 1

A. No answer
B. Place Holder
C. Place Holder
D. Place Holder

Correct Answer: A


A technician needs to change the iDRAC password on a Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G server in a lights-out datacenter.

The be rebooted because it is in production. The iDRAC is configured with the default credentials How could the technician change the iDRAC password?

A. SupportAssist Enterprise
C. OpenManage Server Administrator
D. Virtual Console; press F2 after rebooting system

Correct Answer: A



Match each status LED indicator on the Dell EMC 14G PowerEdge server with its corresponding condition.
Select and Place:

des-4122 questions 3

Correct Answer:

des-4122 answer 3


What is a key feature introduced in OpenManage Mobile v2.0?

A. Access servers remotely through OME
B. Access SupportAssist reports
C. Access a Virtual Console (VNC over SSH) securely
D. Access iDRAC remotely

Correct Answer: B


An engineer needs to install an additional PSU on an existing, single PSU Dell EMC PowerEdge R740. They complete the initial installation and cabling procedures. They connect an AC cable and the power distribution unit produces normal AC output. The engineer checks power management and sees that the new PSU is in a Failed state.

What task should be completed to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Confirm the System Input Power CAP is not set to Low
B. Set the PSU AC redundancy to 1+1
C. Set the PSU AC redundancy to 1+0
D. Verify the new PSU is the same type and wattage rating

Correct Answer: D


A technician installs eight servers into a fully operational rack with top of rack switch Each server has a quad 1Gb NIC and redundant power supplies The company uses iDRAC in shared LOM mode with LOM1 as the selected NIC

What should the technician do to verify iDRAC connectivity on each server?

A. iDRAC Datacenter license is installed.
B. Ethernet port LOM1 is cabled and the link light is green.
C. iDRAC dedicated NIC port is cabled and the link light is green
D. iDRAC Enterprise license is installed

Correct Answer: C


What must be done before upgrading OMSA from the 32-bit to the 64-bit version?

A. Save the license file
B. Disable UAC
C. Back up the configuration
D. Uninstall the earlier version

Correct Answer: A


How can a technician know whether IDRAC9 System Lockdown mode is enabled?

A. Lockdown activation message in the red box in the iDRAC web GUI Access to LCC is disabled when the server boots

B. Lockdown activation message in the red box in the iDRAC web GUI Access to LCC requires a password when the server boots

C. Lockdown activation message in the yellow box in the iDRAC web GUI Access to LCC is disabled when the server boots

D. Lockdown activation message in the yellow box in the iDRAC web GUI Access to LCC requires a password when the server boots

Correct Answer: A


Does an engineer want to fully leverage Microsoft Windows Server 2016 for TPM-based guarded host deployment of a 14G server Which BIOS settings need to be used for installing the Windows server?

des-4122 questions 9

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: C


Starting from which Dell EMC PowerEdge server hardware generation is the Micro SD card in the IDSDM/vFlash module supported?

A. 11G
B. 12G
C. 13G
D. 14G

Correct Answer: D


What are key values related to systems management when deploying OpenManage Enterprise wit Dell EMC PowerEdge servers?

A. Automate Basic Hardware Element Management Agent-free Management Simple and effective

B. Simplify Basic Hardware Element Management Agent-free Management Fee-based license

C. Simplify Fee-based license Agent-free Management Secure

D. Simplify Unify Automate Secure

Correct Answer: C


What is a characteristic of out-of-band management?

A. Dedicated device
B. Agent-based
C. Less secure
D. Dependent upon OS

Correct Answer: A


What is the Open Compute Project (OCP) card used for in a Dell EMC PowerEdge server?

A. Flexibility to choose interconnects
B. Fixed networking card
C. Consume a PCIe slot
D. Provide a hot-swap component

Correct Answer: B

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