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4A0-N01 Dumps updated | Nuage Networks VCS Fundamentals Exam Materials

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4A0-N01 Exam Details:

Vendor: Nokia

Exam Code: 4A0-N01

Exam Name: Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) Fundamentals Exam

Certification: Nuage Networks Professional – Software-Defined Datacenter (NNP SD-DC)

Mandatory Exam Prerequisites: N/A

Exam Duration: 90 Minutes

Exam Appointment Duration: 135 minutes. This is the exam duration plus a 45-minute tutorial on computer-based examinations.

Number of Questions: 40

Language: English

Price: $125 US

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To auto-instantiate services on a 7750 DCI, which protocol needs to be enabled between the 7750 SR and VSD?

B. Openflow

Correct Answer: C


What statement regarding VSD user management is TRUE?

A. We can create CMS user groups for each enterprise.
B. Each enterprise user belongs to only one user group.
C. Open LDAP and Active Directory can be integrated into VSD.
D. LDAP integration is configured at the VSD global level, and it is not a configurable enterprise.

Correct Answer: B

Easy as adding them to a specific user group.

Reference: property-channel.html


What statement about stateful ACL entries is FALSE?

A. They can track both TCP and UDP flows.
B. They can be created in either ingress or egress directions.
C. A packet in the direction of the stateful ACL rules will automatically create a “related” rule in the reverse direction.
D. The automatically created rules will not go away until the ACL is manually deactivated and reactivated.

Correct Answer: D


What statement about Open vSwitch is TRUE?

A. It is a standard virtual switch that can run on any operating system.
B. It can only be configured using Openflow by an SDN controller.
C. It provides tunneling mechanisms, for example, VXLAN.
D. It supports most of the open protocols, for example, OSPF, and BGP.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is NOT a goal of NFV?

A. Reduce equipment cost
B. Faster time-to-market for new services
C. Efficiency through automation
D. Increase network bandwidth

Correct Answer: B


What statement regarding the VRS-G is FALSE?

A. The VRS-G is the software VXLAN/VLAN gateway of the Nuage VCS solution.
B. The VRS-G is deployed on a hypervisor, following the same deployment requirements as a regular VRS.
C. Virtual machines created on the hypervisor are attached to access ports on VRS-G.
D. The network ports on VRS-G point towards the Nuage overlay VXLAN network.

Correct Answer: B

This permits the bridging of the hypervisor-focused overlay networking and physical devices in the data center.



Refer to the diagram.

What is the correct sequence of events for a VM to be instantiated, and for its required network connectivity to be created with the Nuage VCS solution?

a. Network domain and policy templates are defined on VSD.
b. VSC queries VSD on network service and policies.
c. VSD provides VSC with network service and policies.
d. VRS agent informs VSC of the new VM placement.
e. VSC deploys policy to applicable VRS agents.
f. VM instantiated on the hypervisor.

A. a->b->c->d->e->f
B. a->b->c->f->d->-e
C. a->f->d->b->c->-e
D. f->d->b->a>c->-e

Correct Answer: D


Which of the following is a solution to create virtual machines in which the server runs the hypervisor as a specialized operating system and, as a consequence, there is no need for a conventional operating system?

A. Kernel
B. Container
C. Native hypervisor
D. Hosted hypervisor

Correct Answer: B


What is the difference between host vPort and bridge vPort?

A. A host vPort is provisioned on VRS-G, while a bridge vPort is provisioned on VSG.
B. A host vPort is provisioned for VLAN traffic, while a bridge vPort is for VxLAN traffic.
C. A host vPort only supports one VLAN, while a bridge vPort can be configured with multiple VLANs.
D. A host vPort requires static MAC address configuration, while a bridge vPort learns MAC addresses dynamically.

Correct Answer: A

Bridge vPort hosted in Nuage VSG/VSA Gateways Software, VRS and VRS-G hosted vPort



What statement is TRUE regarding multiple virtual IP addresses assigned to a single vPort?

A. The virtual IP addresses can be in a different subnet than the VM interface IP address.
B. All virtual IP addresses of a vPort must be in the same subnet.
C. One of the virtual IP addresses can be the same as the VM interface IP address.
D. Every virtual IP address must be associated with a virtual MAC, which differs from the VM interface MAC address.

Correct Answer: A

If you have only one public IP address available, and you want to host multiple servers, use aVIP.


What is NOT a component of VSD?

A. Neutron
B. Statistics Engine
C. Policy Management Engine

Correct Answer: C



What statement about statistics rules on Nuage VCS is FALSE?

A. Users can define statistics rules for domain/zones/subnets/vPorts. The rule applied to the most granular object is the one used.

B. Statistics are collected in an Elasticsearch statistics engine and are aggregated over hours, days, and months.

C. Statistics are pushed from VRS up to VSC, which in turn sends them to the VSD stats engine.

D. When a TCA threshlod is exceeded, an event is displayed in the UI and a message is sent on the JMS bus.

Correct Answer: A


What is NOT a function of the VSC?

A. CMS integration
B. SDN controller
C. BGP federation
D. XMPP communication with VSD

Correct Answer: B



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